For Businesses

Fully equip your team with the knowledge needed to become industry leaders as the space technology future becomes reality. Professional development takes on a new dynamic with self-paced, virtual solutions to team learning that allow your employees to independently further their careers while empowering your team.

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For Individuals

Stand out as a progressive candidate amongst a variety of applicants. For job seekers, Nova Space Inc. offers online courses with certificates to meet and exceed industry requirements. Expand your current career or explore new opportunities to increase expertise with our Space Professional Course – suitable for both novice students and experienced specialists.

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Welcome to Nova Space

Award Winning

Our Nova Space Professional Course is the recipient of 3 Brandon Hall Awards.

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Broad Application

Perfect for commercial, government, department of defense, academia, and more!

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All Digital

Our learning platform is all digital, asynchronous course material.

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Trusted By

The US Space Force, US Space Command, German Space Force, and so many more!

Benefits of our Solutions

Asynchronous Learning - Nova Space
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Asynchronous Learning

Access our curriculum anytime, anywhere. Our virtual solutions allow for continued growth without the limits that come from in-person instruction. Our learning opportunities give students the chance to implement their skills and continue to grow.

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Scalable For Teams

Equipping your team with the digital skills necessary to grow in a virtual future has never been easier with online space programs built specifically for professional teams looking for an extensive solution for continued growth.

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Scalable For Teams - Nova Space
Standardized Knowledge - Nova Space
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Standardized Knowledge

Learn about all facets of the space industry and its applications with a standardized curriculum tailored to help you succeed. Nova Space Inc. offers streamlined lessons that improve retention and raise the bar for education across the industry.

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Optimized Curriculum

Nova Space’s learning programs are designed for all experience levels and goals for both professional teams and individuals looking for further training. Now you can apply all you’ve learned to any career within the space industry.

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Optimized Curriculum - Nova Space
Individualized Learning - Nova Space
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Individualized Learning

Self-paced solutions that you can pause, rewind, and save for later. Spend time furthering your career in the right environment, with the right tools. Retain more information than in a team setting to get the most out of our signature program.

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The Future Is Now – Start Learning Today.

Prepare individually or as a team to be fully equipped for the future of the space industry.

Featured Courses

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Space Professional Course

Welcome to the Nova Space Professional Course, the first in a series of courses designed to set the new standard for baseline knowledge, communication, and professional…

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Intro to Orbits Course

Welcome to Nova Space’s Introduction to Orbits Course. In this course, you will learn the basics behind the physics of how objects are placed into orbits…

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Basic PNT Course Image (for carousel) - Nova Space

Basic PNT Course

Welcome to the Nova Space Basic PNT Course. In this course, you will be serving as a project manager that has been tasked with developing a…

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Client Testimonials

“I truly appreciated the focus of the Nova Space Professional Course on both fundamental technical material and real-world applications. It is difficult to overstate the importance of the essential space education provided by the Course, particularly as it applies to cross-functional teams.”

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“Professionals in finance, marketing or law need to understand the basic rules of the space industry without having to study a B.S. or M.S. in space science. For this reason, the Nova Space Professional Course is the best tool to acquire overall knowledge of the space industry in an efficient, quick and non-expensive manner.”

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