Eric, USMC

“I have two main challenges in meeting the ever-growing space requirements: first, I have only one dedicated space planner to incorporate all the requirements, and second, getting training opportunities for Marines not in a dedicated space billet is difficult, if not impossible. The Space Professional Course is a viable and realistic solution to these challenges.”

Military Space Professional

“With seven years of experience in the OIE community working for multiple commands I have confidence in recommending this course for those looking to expand their teams understanding of the space domain and its capabilities and limitations.”

USMC Space Professional

“The course can be taken virtually anywhere, without the need for coordination and travel, at a fraction of the cost it would take to send a Marine to training. I can state with certainty that the course satisfies the needs of the Marine Corps to provide training commensurate with the level required to be considered a qualified Marine Space Professional.”

Edwin, USMC

“I found the course wonderfully detailed, relevant, and the ideal vehicle for bringing individuals who are unfamiliar with Space up to speed on the domain as a whole.”

Aerospace Engineer

“Any engineer could benefit from this training.”

Aerospace Engineer

“In general, engineers have high technical skills but they are not specialized in space-related sciences. Any skilled engineer that takes this course, will expand their knowledge in space-related sciences, orbital mechanics, vehicle systems and systems engineering among others.”

Monica, Aerospace Engineer

“With this certification any engineer will have proof of expertise on how to use advanced scientific concepts in the space industry and they will be set up for success in such a competitive work environment. I would say it is a positive add-on to have on your resume so you have more success in any hiring process.”

Aerospace Engineer

“Professionals in finance, marketing or law need to understand the basic rules of the space industry without having to study a B.S. or M.S. in space science. For this reason, the Nova Space Professional Course is the best tool to acquire overall knowledge of the space industry in an efficient, quick and non-expensive manner.”


“Any space-related business that wants to elevate the excellence of their company should train their employees with certifications like the Nova Space Professional Course so they understand the decisions that are made in upper levels and they can also feel pride of being part of such an important industry.”

Jon, Military Space Professional

“I truly appreciated the focus of the Nova Space Professional Course on both fundamental technical material and real-world applications. It is difficult to overstate the importance of the essential space education provided by the Course, particularly as it applies to cross-functional teams.”

Jon, Military Space Professional

“The inventive self-paced virtual team environment, similar to a real-world working group, was extremely relevant and demonstrated the immediate applicability of the baseline material taught in the Course.”

DOD Space Professional

“All sectors of the space domain require team members to experience the interdependencies of their unique areas of expertise, based on a common understanding of space fundamentals, to ensure mission success; the Nova Space Professional Course delivers that experience.”

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