Space Workforce Institute

Space Workforce Institute

The Space Workforce Institute has been established to address the need for a standardized body of knowledge and skills requirements to create scalable pathways for workforce participation.

As a Benefit Corporation, the Space Workforce Institute is uniquely positioned to expand participation in the space economy through sponsorships and scholarships to education and credentialling programs which serve the mission of making a space career open to everyone.

Today, The Space Workforce Institute is working diligently to provide a widely adopted set of standards with inclusion of government and commercial space requirements from a deep roster of advisors and stakeholders. If you are interested in participating the development of standards, please fill out the application below to.

Advisor Application

Joseph Horvath - Nova Space

Space Workforce Institute Leadership

Joseph Horvath

Joseph has two decades of experience in space and astronautics with an extensive network across industry and DoD. While serving as a Marine Corps officer, he was the Service’s Senior Space Operations Officer, leading professional development, training, education, policy and exercise design. His educational background includes a BS in Astrophysics and MS in Space Systems Operations, as well as being a former DARPA Fellow. His work has been published in multiple journals including “A Hybrid Routing Protocol for Space Based Networks”, “Space Operations for the Warfighter” and “The Marine Space Support Team Concept”. Joseph brings to his role extensive leadership and management experience with a focus on agile practices and developing successful teams.

Space Workforce Institute Leadership

Christopher Allen

Sought after speaker and performance consultant, specializing in digital education, authoring technology, instructional design, and agile development. Christopher has more than 15 years of experience in software marketing and engineering management ranging from digital marketing to enterprise grade cloud-based subscription services.

Christopher Allen (COO) - Nova Space

Space Workforce Institute Leadership

Bill West

As a senior market leader and consultant in the assessment industry, Bill brings his passion for developing trusted relationships and advancing lives to his role as Chief Credentialing Services Officer for Cornerstone Strategies, where he provides consulting services in market growth, holistic security solutions, and partner selection processes. Bill is honored to work with excellent organizations such as Global Skills X-Change, Vaital, and AERE. Bill’s focus as EVP for GSX is helping, corporations, credentialing organizations and government agencies build resilient workforces through workforce skills and credentialing programs.

Bill has spent the majority of his career in operational and sales roles for test administration and credential management organizations, as well as an NCCAaccredited non-profit credentialing association. Roles have included: customer service, program management, business development, operations; and strategy. In these roles, Bill launched and managed numerous national and global assessment programs across the higher education industry, U.S. federal government, local governments, corporate hiring & advancement, and professional credentialing sectors. While serving in these capacities, Bill assisted clients with expanding their programs, implementing strategic partnerships, and developing new markets.

As a very active contributor to assessment industry associations, conferences and committees, Bill served on the board of directors for the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and the Certification Network Group (CNG). He currently serves on the National Advisory Board for the Credential As You Go (CAYG) initiative, as the Chair of the Certification & Licensure division of the Association of Test Professionals, and is the Vice Chair of the board of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), owner of the NCCA accreditation standard.

Bill holds an MBA from Augsburg University, a B.A. in English and Religion from St. Olaf College, and recently achieved the Institute for Credentialing Excellence Certified Credentialing Professional (ICE-CCP) certification.

Bill has deep roots in his local community and enjoys anything that involves spending time with his wife and kids, the brisk Minnesota winters, oh and yes, he is an avid sports enthusiast. Trusted relationships are vital to him personally and professionally, which is one of the top reasons why he loves the assessment industry and the people in it. Trust is built through integrity, competence, and doing what you say you will do.

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