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Nova Space partners with government agencies to help provide support and education as the space industry grows.


Our education platform ensures your organization can stay current with industry as well as government and is designed to bridge the gap between government space and private space. We recognized that it can be difficult to secure seats at in-resident courses offered by government organizations.

Our online program offers a high quality learning experience without having to pay to send your organization’s members to off site learning environments. Another benefit of our asynchronous, virtual learning environment is that the time required to get a student trained is drastically reduced when compared to in-residence courses because our program teaches to the individual, not the median level of a class.

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The Standard in Workforce Development & Training for the Federal Marketplace

As a formal operating domain, Space and Space Operations are now a fundamental skillset across warfighting functions, military services, and the intelligence community. Formal training on space operations is currently limited to a select group across the services and delivered by only a few sources. Skill and experience in space operations is needed across a much wider audience including officers, enlisted, civilians, contractors, and the private sector.

The Nova Space Professional Program is a 100% digital solution offering an alternative to boring and ineffective PowerPoint and lecture learning available to DoD/IC members. Our 4x award-winning course uses technology and design at its best to prepare students in:

  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Space Environment and Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Propulsion and Launch
  • Space Architecture, Design and Engineering
  • Space Mission Areas
  • Space History

The space professional development program from Nova Space provides an extraordinary alternative to space education across the DoD, with better instructional outcomes, higher student engagement, convenient purchasing, and the flexibility to start learning at any time.

Further Your Team’s Impact

In-depth training from skilled experts.

Our award winning program provides students with education from experts with over fifty years of experience within a standardized curriculum covering all aspects of the space industry. Our experts have decades of experience in both the private and government sectors and developed the Nova Space Professional Development program to be applicable to anyone.

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Customizable Curriculum

A tailored learning experience.

The Nova Space team can create customized content to fit the needs of your team. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can tailor course content to your specific requirements. We specialize in developing challenge based learning scenarios and can build your team a highly effective training solution no matter the space subject area.

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Who is this for?

The Nova Space Professional Development program is a new digital resource unlike any other for government agencies looking to improve communication between and within teams. This course meets government requirements and is presented in a way that decreases the cost and time it takes to achieve competency when compared to other learning methods.

  • Military personnel
  • Intelligence community
  • Acquisition community
  • Executive leadership

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