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As a formal operating domain, Space and Space Operations are now a fundamental skillset across warfighting functions, military services, and the intelligence community. Formal training on space operations is currently limited to a select group across the services and delivered by only a few sources. Skill and experience in space operations is needed across a much wider audience including officers, enlisted, civilians, contractors, and the private sector.

The Nova Space Professional Program is a 100% digital solution offering an alternative to boring and ineffective PowerPoint and lecture learning available to DoD/IC members. Our 4x award-winning course uses technology and design at its best to prepare students in:

  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Space Environment and Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Propulsion and Launch
  • Space Architecture, Design and Engineering
  • Space Mission Areas
  • Space History

Our learning objectives are closely mapped to NSSI’s Space 100, Space 200 and Naval Postgraduate School’s Introduction to Space courses. The space professional development program from Nova Space provides an extraordinary alternative to space education across the DoD, with better instructional outcomes, higher student engagement, convenient purchasing, and the flexibility to start learning at any time.

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Nova Space was founded by former military Space Operations experts drawing from experiences across the operating forces and prestigious academic institutions including Naval Postgraduate School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The lead course designer is also a former National Security Space Institute instructor.


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