Influencive: How Nova Space is Helping People Join the $446 Billion Space Industry

The space industry is taking off – if you’ll excuse the pun – and literally hundreds of thousands of people are looking to get in on the action. It’s not just about sending payloads into orbit anymore. Now, there are countless startups and entrepreneurs developing revolutionary space-based business concepts that are going to change the world.

CEO Magazine: Nova Space to Launch to Support the Training and Professional Development Side of the Blossoming Space Economy

As the space industry is seeing an absolute explosion in investment, there is going to need to be more focus on the human element of it. By ignoring the human element, a space company or organization will be challenged to meet the current pace of growth without the people to support it. We saw that need for more focus on the human side of developing the space ecosystem and we are one of the only organizations focused solely on that effort.